Holzher TECTRA 6120 Series Beam Saw


Holzher TECTRA 6120 Series Beam Saw

The TECTRA 6120 series beam saws impress with their high performance. They are variable, compact and therefore even fit in shops where work areas require extremely economic planning.
Nevertheless their cutting performance is far beyond standard. The free-supporting, torsionally rigid design of the base frame as well as the high quality equipment are distinguishing features of these
panel cutting saws. Quality made in Germany!

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  •  Infinitely variable feed rate of 0 to 130 m/min
    (up to 70 m/min for the classic).
  • Saw carriages, sawing units and rip fences
    are held precisely by ground V-guides,
    preventing vibration. This ensures clean
    and precise cuts over the long term.
  • Electronically-controlled saw carriage, depending
    on the model, for extremely short
    cycle times and a high level of productivity.
    Also ideal as cutout equipment e. g. for
    precise grooves.
  • Saw carriage return speed of up to
    130 m/min (up to 70 m/min for the classic).
  • Rip fence return speed of 100 m/min, positioning
    speed of 25 m/min (CE).
  • The high quality rack-and-pinion drive offers
    high acceleration rates and rapid operating
    cycles without effort.