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The Importance of Dust Extraction Machines

January 27, 2018 2 min read

The importance of dust extraction cannot be understated for your health and to ensure that you meet health and safety requirements in the workplace. Dust extraction can quite literally save your life, so investing in dust extraction machines is a must in industries that produce high levels of these contaminants.

What are the dangers of dust?

Dust can be dangerous for a number of reasons. When it accumulates in large quantities it can be highly flammable and can cause accidental fires in the workplace. Dust can also be dangerous when your employees breathe it in. The dust may be hazardous because it is irritating to the lungs or because the particles are sharp, but breathing in dust is always dangerous.

Fires and explosions

Dust is highly combustible because of its composition. There is a large surface area that can ignite and there is a lot of oxygen in a pile of dust too. This means that a build-up of dust can quickly ignite with even just a small source of heat. When dust is airborne, it can also cause a risk of explosions in certain conditions. Explosions can occur where there is dust that is airborne because fuel and oxygen are in abundant supply to accelerate the fire. A small source of ignition can turn a dusty workplace into an explosion very quickly.

Breathing in dust

The body has a range of defences to deal with the dust that we breathe in, but when you are breathing in large amounts of dust it is difficult for the body to cope and the dust will begin to penetrate into the lungs. Dust can cause scar tissue in the lungs which prevents them from passing oxygen into the blood and makes breathing more difficult. Dust may also cause cancers to form in the lungs, so breathing them in exposes you to an unacceptable risk.

Preventing dusty workplaces from developing

The best protection against dust is not to wear a mask; instead it is to prevent the workplace from becoming dusty in the first place. Installing appropriate dust extraction machines in your workplace is essential so that you can avoid the risks presented by dust. A dusty workplace is a dangerous workplace because dust can cause fires, explosions and lung conditions when it is inhaled. To protect yourself and your employees you must install appropriate dust extraction machines.

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