Refurbished Routers


Refurbished Routers

Router Rebuilding
Many Routers currently in use no longer perform due to worn or defective components attributable to many years of heavy use. Older equipment does not comply with current woodworking machine safety regulations and in particular The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER).
Calderbrook offers a comprehensive rebuilding and updating package which affordable. Machines are normally collected from site and are rebuilt to a fantastic condition, updated with regards to guarding, braking systems, etc to enable them to comply with regulations and then returned. No new manufacturers offer a alternative to these old work horses.
Used machines always in stock and can be rebuilt to your requirements
New replacements are sometimes difficult or impossible to obtain, making this service even more useful in extending the life of equipment which may be of unique benefit to its user.

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  • Wadkin LS A versatile machine capable of many operations such as shaped work, mouldings, trenching. The guide pin is used in conjunction with a jig for repetitive jobs. Good for very tight radius work that cannot be carried out on a conventional spindle moulder. Frequency changer for the two spindle speeds, Turret type depth stops, Foot operated rise and fall of the cutter head. Adjustable electric lamp,
  • Wadkin UR Designed for the production of general mouldings, grooving and shaped work by means of a template and the former pin. Fitted with a cutter guard, Manual motor brake, Two speed motor, Canting cutter head, Frequency changer.