Panhans V91/10 Double Tilting Panel Saw

Panhans V91/10 Double Tilting Panel Saw

Machine produced with a unique tilting range of 91° (45.5° + 45.5° – ). When working with a V91 the user does not need to adjust the work piece while working with mitre cuts.With addition of the Super-gehrfix mitre cross-cut table – complex mitre cuts become childs play.
45.5 ° in both directionsPositive and negative mitres can be performed with the PANHANS V 91 | 10 in the same workpiece position. The workpiece does not have to be turned, which saves time and effort.The visible side of the workpiece remains at the top, no matter which inclination the saw blade follows.Blade-free work is guaranteed in every case.



  • Unique tilting range 45 + – 45 degrees in both directions
  • 5.7″ Touchscreen position control
  • Electronic speed control 1000-6000rpm
  • Powerful 10Hp motor
  • Dia saw blade 500mm max cutting height 172.5mm
  • Cutting width 1250mm (optional 1500mm)
  • 3200mm sliding table
  • Electronic scoring saw with EPS parking function for easy use of blade > 350mm
  • Patented rotational hood – simply turn, no need for replacement sections
  • Strong quality machine thats very low maintenance
  • 1500kg
  • Made in Germany


  • Overhead control
  • Super-Gehrfix 2 – Digital mitre crosscut fence with auto length compensation system
  • Motorised positioning of rip fence 1250mm
  • Super-Gehrfix 1 – mitre crosscut fence with auto length compensation system
  • Calibration device for exact blade size
  • Motorised postioning of rip fence 1500mm
  • DSG double mitre fence
  • Electronic scoring unit with auto EPS parking function
  • Laser sight line
  • Swing away devise for cross cut table
  • Cutting width 1500mm
  • Digital readout to rip fence