Orma NPC ES Energy saving 50% Less Power 50% less Energy Cost

Orma NPC ES Energy saving 50% Less Power 50% less Energy Cost

The NPC ENERGY SAVING is a new revolutionary heating system, directly designed and conceived by the ORMAMACCHINE R&D Office. After several tests, a new platen has been patented, having completely new technical characteristics, in comparison with those actually available in the press field. We have realized a platen with built-in electric resistances achieving low energy consumption and with remarkable technical performances. In this page we will show the main performances of this system, and we can proudly assert that: the NPC Presses with the ENERGY SAVING HEATING SYSTEM in this sector are unique and innovative.


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  • Reduced power consumption in comparison with the traditional electric boiler and electric platens today available. Based on a single shift with a standard single daylight 3000 X 1300 press savings up to £3000.00/year in electricity costs can be realized.
  • 120 °C max temperature that allows to perform any kind of glueing operation in any joinery. The temperature is set by the main control board and can be selected by the operator according to the kind of work to be carried out. Once the set temperature has been reached, automatically the power shall be disconnected; power shall be, always automatically, restored only when temperature drops. • Temperature difference between different platen points ± 2 °C; so there is a homogeneous temperature on the whole platen surface. • Possibility to set different temperature between upper and lower platens.
  • The max. platen resistance to the pressure is 20 Kg/cm2. Taking in consideration that with the NPC Presses the max used pressure is 5 -7 Kg/cm2 (sufficient pressure to carry out any kind of work), there is a remarkable safety margin
  • No maintenance required. In comparison with any other heating system, where periodic maintenance is always necessary, with this system such operation does not exist anymore.
  • No noise during its functioning. The actual heating types are operated by pumps for their heated liquid circulation, something no longer required by our system.
  • Absolutely no problem with fire hazard. The standards, as far as fires are concerned, rightly, are always more strict and do not allow anymore installation of wood boilers inside the joineries or carpentries. With this type of heating all these problems are overcome.