OMGA Optima Premium Series Automatic

OMGA Optima Premium Series Automatic

Automatic programmable cut-off saw for Optimized cutting. This system is particularly suitable for cutting to length with tight tolerances and batch cutting.

The OPTIMA 120 SNC has a pusher system which rides on precision linear rails and bearings and, along with the pneumatic tail clamp and linear encoder, ensures very accurate positioning of the work piece (+/- 0.15 mm). The length of the board is measured automatically, during the trim cut cycle, guaranteeing full optimization of random length boards.

The cutting area is fitted with a system of “intelligent” vertical and Horizontal clamps, which automatically adapt to the dimension of the stock being processed, making the cutting cycle faster and ensuring the squareness of the cut pieces.

The vertical tail clamp on the pusher carriage, is designed to hold the work piece while traversing as well as allowing the feeding of multiple pieces (packs) when cutting to length, without defecting.

The loading table, allows the operator to prepare multiple boards which may be loaded in sequence, eliminating waste of time.