Leadermac Smartmac LMC 423 Planer Moulder

Leadermac Smartmac LMC 423 Planer Moulder

Leadermac Smartmac LMC 423 Planer Moulder
A heavy duty, cast iron construction, 4 head pre-straightening planer moulder that has a high standard specification. Features include chrome bed plates, driven bed rollers, full carden drive feed system, pneumatic pressures centralized lubrication system and electronic setting to front side head / top head and beam.

Maximum size of timber admitted width 15 – 230 mm
Maximum size of timber admitted thickness 10 – 125 mm

Head Sequence & Motor Powers

First bottom 5.5 kw/7.5 hp
Fence side } 7.5 kw/10.0 hp
Near side }
Top 7.5 kw/10 hp

Cutting Circles

First bottom head 125 mm -160 mm maximum
Fence side head 125 mm -180 mm maximum
Near side head 125 mm -180 mm maximum
Top head 125 mm -200 mm maximum

Feed System

Maintenance free full cardan shaft drive to feedworks for balanced drive performance, with individual worm reduction gear box to each feed roller station
Serratted infeed driven table roller infront of first bottom head

Feed roller diameter 140 mm
Infinitely variable feed speeds through inverter with LED display 6 – 24 metres per minute
Feed motor power 3.0 kw/4.0 hp
Top infeed rollers before first bottom head with pneumatic rise and fall by switch
Intermediate top driven feed roller station with pneumatic loading for feeding minimum 200 mm length workpieces
Steel feed rollers up to top head are hardened and chromed to resist wear and to prevent chips sticking to them
Polyurethane feed rollers after top head
1 unit infeed powered bed roller before first bottom spindle.
1 unit powered outfeed driven bed roller
Pneumatic pressures to feed roller loading with 2 no pressure regulator controls
Powered rise and fall to feed beam with .75 kw/1 hp motor
All feed rollers and pressures move with top beam rise and fall, including safety switches at extreme points
Inch forward and reverse to feed with duplicate control at top head position for fast and easy setting

Siemens electro magnetically braked motors
Edge reference straightening system
Double side pressure unit opposite fence side head moving with near side head
Adjustable side guides after near side head
Spring loaded chipbreaker to top head with vertical screw adjustment and mechanical digital readout
Pad pressure after top head with vertical screw adjustment and mechanical digital readout
2000 mm pre-straightening infeed table with fence each with10 mm adjustment
25 mm high fences
40 mm diameter spindles belt driven, with spindle speed of 6000 rpm
All spindles have horizontal and vertical adjustment, with mechanical digital readouts for fast and accurate setting, except first bottom head which has vertical only
High precision spindle units
All bed plates and fences have 0.3mm hardened chrome HRC at 60o
Manual bed lubrication system
One piece cast iron heavy duty main frame with optimum vibration absorption
Centralised lubrication system to all main slides
Safety interlock at infeed to prevent feeding oversized material
Lift up sound and safety enclosure with gas struts, including internal lighting and safety interlocks, with noise absorbing material and rear access panel with interlock
Thin side guides after near side head
Independent locking to all spindle adjustments
Main electrical control panel with clearly marked and in your field of vision, remote control for setting positioned by top spindle
Timed interlock to lift up enclosure
Dust hoods
Instruction and maintenance manual, electrical diagram and parts list.
Machine supplied with electrics arranged 3/50/415 v
Machine conforms to CE specification
YOM 2004

Options Included

Electronic positioning by keypad control an motorised adjustment to ne
ar side spindle horizontal movement with LED measurement display. Type DP-525

Electronic positioning by keypad control and motorised adjustment to top spindle vertical movement with LED measurement display.Type DP-525

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