Holzher SPRINT Series Edgebander

Holzher SPRINT Series Edgebander

Designed for highest requirements in terms of quality and flexibility. Various compact models are available for complete processing of state-of-the-art edging and panel material. Program selection allows the machine to be set up without even opening the hood, so that it is ready for production immediately. The HOLZ-HER SPRINT series set the ­highest, professional standards for edgebanding without compromises.


Patent Glu-Jet technology. Clean, swap, heat-up glue in 3 mins. Use PUR & EVA with no special adaptations

Maximum precision and processing reliability for many years with torsionally stiff, welded machine columns.

Ergonomic operation with rotating and pivoting control panel. Comprehensive program memory with complete storage of all operating data as well as service messages in clear text.
Fully automatic control of processing machines at the touch of a button using NC servo-axes.

All five SPRINT models (SPRINT 1327 classic, SPRINT 1327 massiv, SPRINT 1329 massiv, SPRINT 1329 grooving, SPRINT 1329 premium) are equipped with our Glu Jet system as a standard feature for razor-thin glue joints, fully equal to any industrial laser edging.