Inspiration for Home DIY Projects

Inspiration for Home DIY Projects 28.04.2020

As we all continue to get used to the new normal of being at home a lot, it can be difficult to adjust. Whether you are a woodworker by trade or simply just enjoy it as a hobby, you may have begun to do a little more DIY around the house to keep yourself busy!

If this is the case, we have some great inspiration for some home DIY projects to put your woodworking skills to good use!

Patio furniture

As the summer draws nearer and we enjoy more and more good weather, it’s a great opportunity to sit out in the garden and make the most of the UK’s lockdown. The only drawback is if you don’t have the right garden furniture!

Whether it is a simple bench situated amongst your shrubs or a full outdoor dining set for those alfresco summer evenings, this could be a great DIY project to get involved in.

Consider what type of patio furniture your garden has space for, and get researching for helpful instructions to get started!

Bar stools

Whether you have a bar in your home or not, creating some bar stools for your home could be a fun project to impress the family. You can use them as new stools for the breakfast bar, or even set up your own bar in the corner of the living room to pass the time in lockdown!

They are great for creating tall seating in your home, and you don’t need a lot of materials and supplies to create them. You might even save yourself a bit of money by making them yourself instead of buying them!

Kitchen countertops

If you were hoping to do some home renovation before the lockdown came into force, you may be left disappointed as you wait for it to be safe for workers again. Why not carry out smaller renovation projects yourself with your woodworking skills?

You can create kitchen countertops through woodwork, bringing a rustic and unique look to your home. It can create a warm and welcome environment for your kitchen, and can be easily created with a few simple techniques and materials.

Give your kitchen the ultimate upgrade with new wooden worktops and put your skills to use.

Industrial-style shelves

Create some much needed additional storage for all your bits and pieces around the house with DIY shelves. This is perfect for children’s bedrooms or even a feature wall in your living room, providing the perfect home for your trinkets, books or toys.

Ensure you check that the walls in your home are suitable for supporting shelves before you start! Once you’re happy, decide on the type of wood you will use and what will act as the support. Then, get stuck in and have fun creating some useful wooden shelves for your home!

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